What is CarbonCure?

 CarbonCure retrofits concrete plants with a technology that recycles waste carbon dioxide to make affordable, greener concrete products. Carbon dioxide is now more than just a greenhouse gas; it is a valuable material to help make better concrete.

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  1. Go @BlueJays Go! The whole CarbonCure team in the house for the game.

  2. Our VP of Technology Dev @Sean_Monkman is en route to for what he calls the "Olympics of cement chemistry": http://t.co/7n0mWr27hE

  3. BramptonBrick made green mfg headlines. Join 300 designers tmrw @EGbrickworks to learn more. http://t.co/ouRUME7EGT http://t.co/NAat0Zq4IQ

  4. And the 2nd from Nova Scotia in 6 years!! https://t.co/7C5MnmRS4r

  5. .@SevenBays is hosting their 1st comp. Oct 17! I'll be there Thurs to talk cleantech & start ups in http://t.co/PogaITJQq7

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