Corporate Knights honors CarbonCure on Cleantech Top 10 list

Today Corporate Knights recognized CarbonCure Technologies Inc as one of the most promising Canadian cleantech startups in their 2012 Cleantech Next 10 list. Honorees were selected based on their high growth potential and significant impacts on resource efficiency and the environment. CarbonCure’s cleantech innovation sequesters carbon dioxide into concrete products to make better, greener building materials. The technology has been installed in concrete manufacturing facilities across North America. This morning’s announcement at the Toronto Stock Exchange comes on the heels of CarbonCure being recognized as the Top 10 green building product for 2013 by at the US Green Building Council convention in San Francisco.

The Corporate Knights report highlights the 10 most promising cleantech companies publicly traded on a Canadian exchange, and the 10 most promising cleantech startups. The selection committee comprised of prominent Canadian cleantech leaders, including Michael Brown, chairman of Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital, and Greg Kiessling, founder of Up Capital and co-founder of Bullfrog Power.

“CarbonCure and the other companies in the Cleantech Next 10 have tremendous potential and much to offer; I’m looking forward to watching them succeed,” said Toby Heaps, President and CEO of Corporate Knights, the media, research and financial products company that has published the list for the past five years.

“We are extremely honored to be included in Corporate Knights’ Cleantech Next 10, and congratulate the other recipients”, said Robert Niven, CEO and Founder of CarbonCure. “We look forward to working with our partners to deliver affordable green building solutions to the building sector,” Niven added.

Other honorees include cleantech companies from across Canada, including Ontario-based Enbala Power Networks, who has developed a smart-grid platform to regulate supply and demand on the electricity system.

Photo: Corporate Knights Cleantech Next 10 award announcement, November 27 2012, at the Toronto Stock Exchange. Including Jennifer Wagner, VP Marketing, CarbonCure Technologies (third from left, back), Toby Heaps, President & CEO, Corporate Knights (fifth from left, front) and Thomas Rankin, Investment Manager, Innovacorp (first from right, front)

About CarbonCure Technologies Inc.

Halifax, Nova Scotia-based CarbonCure Technologies Inc. is a materials science innovator deploying CO2-sequestration solutions to concrete products manufacturers. Concrete is the second most widely used material globally and is responsible for ~5% of total greenhouse gas emissions. The company’s proprietary technology is a method of repurposing waste carbon dioxide to make better concrete products. Products range from sustainable blocks to pavers and segmented retaining walls. Inspired by biomimicry and ‘systems design’ engineering, CarbonCure’s product delivers captured CO2 into a semi-porous concrete matrix, marrying Ca+ ions with CO2, and creating rock in the form of calcium carbonate (limestone). CarbonCure is commercializing its construction products technology in spring 2013, with construction products market leaders in California (Basalite Concrete Products), Ontario (Atlas Block) and Nova Scotia (Shaw Group). These manufacturers offer architects attractive and affordable green design options with “simply better concrete” for building projects.

For more information about CarbonCure Technologies, Inc. please visit or contact: Jennifer Wagner, VP Marketing, at +1 (902) 442-4020 or

For more information about Corporate Knights, please contact: Toby Heaps, President & CEO at

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