CarbonCure wins award Top 10 Best Building Products for 2013

Today announced that CarbonCure’s CO2-absorbed Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) won its widely cited “Top 10 Building Products” 2013 award.

“CarbonCure and its partners have proven that absorbed CO2 into concrete, in a mass production environment, is both cutting-edge and practical.  The whole direction of LEED is moving toward lower embodied inputs and carbon lifecycle assessment,” said Alex Wilson, veteran green building leader and editor of

The announcement caps a year-long review of all new green building products from around the world—and focuses on the fundamental characteristics that make them more sustainable than incumbent products. Eagerly anticipated by the estimated 35,000 construction professionals at GREENBUILD International Conference and Expo, the U.S. Green Building Council’s annual conference, the award honors the most innovative and influential new products available to architects and material specifiers.

“We’re overjoyed that our licensees, include Basalite Concrete Products, The Shaw Group and Atlas Block, are working with us to bring this technology to the wider AEC (architects, engineers, contractors) community in California, Ontario and Nova Scotia.  We share this award with them.  The pent-up market demand for CO2-absorbed masonry from designers, large general contractors and structural engineers is massive,” said Rob Niven, Founder & CEO of CarbonCure Technologies.

About CarbonCure Technologies, Inc.

CarbonCure Technologies, Inc. is a materials science innovator deploying CO2-sequestration solutions to concrete products manufacturers. Concrete is the second most widely used material globally and is responsible for ~5% of total greenhouse gas emissions. The Company’s proprietary technology is an intuitive, elegant method of repurposing waste carbon dioxide—and is used to strengthen concrete, accelerate curing (drying), and make concrete less carbon-intensive overall. End concrete products range from sustainable blocks to pavers and segmented retaining walls. Inspired by biomimicry and ‘systems design’ engineering, CarbonCure’s product delivers captured CO2 into a semi-porous concrete matrix, marrying Ca+ ions with CO2, and creating rock in the form of calcium carbonates (limestone). 

Halifax, Nova Scotia-based CarbonCure Technologies, Inc. is commercializing its construction products technology with construction products market leaders in California (Basalite Concrete Products, LLC), Ontario (Atlas Block) and Nova Scotia (The Shaw Group). These manufacturers offer LEED architects attractive and affordable design options with “simply better concrete” for green building masonry projects.

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