Green concrete donated for Just Us! greenhouse

CarbonCure donated their innovative green concrete masonry to Nova Scotia’s Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op. Based in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Just Us! is a local coffee roaster that is focused on encouraging small-scale sustainable agriculture. Their mandate is to create healthy local communities and a healthy world. Through their fair trade products and education, Just Us! promotes development and trade issue awareness, and they are committed to looking for new ways to be a vehicle for change.

Just Us! has a greenhouse in the Annapolis Valley where they are growing seeds for their garden this year. Their gardens were beautiful last year, and they are expecting their gardens to be equally as beautiful and fruitful this year.

Just Us Garden 2012

[Photo credit: Just Us! 2013].

CarbonCure’s low-carbon concrete blocks were donated by the Nova Scotia-based clean technology company, and were used in the greenhouse to support the seeding beds.

Just Us Greenhouse 2013

[Photo credit: Just Us! 2013].

According to a Just Us! representation, CarbonCure blocks were “an integral part of their heated seeding bed in the greenhouse”. Maybe the CarbonCure team can get a free coffee in return for the blocks they donated!




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