We develop innovative solutions that transform the built environment.


We are an emerging science-based leader in concrete technology for the green building sector. A pioneer in mineral carbonation engineering, CarbonCure-enabled products create cost-effective material specifications for architects, engineers and contractors (AEC’s). Leading concrete products manufacturers in North America license CarbonCure’s technology because top design firms require “simply better concrete” for their sustainable projects.

CarbonCure Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2007 to spur a market shift towards affordable green concrete. We have built durable industry partnerships, with installations at concrete production facilities across North America. The CarbonCure innovation permanently absorbs waste COinto precast concrete, creating an innovative green building material and giving producers a clear competitive advantage.

CarbonCure’s management team includes sales, marketing, engineering and R&D leaders in carbon accounting, cement, precast concrete and clean technology commercialization. The Company’s Board of Directors and advisors are dedicated to building enterprise value by promoting carbon absorption for the cement and concrete industries. CarbonCure collaborates with other large and small companies—and individual scientists—dedicated to solving concrete’s CO2-intensity problem and eventually creating ‘regenerative’ concrete.