Manasquan, New Jersey

The Oldcastle Advantage

Anchor, an Oldcastle company, has been supplying the Northeast with architectural masonry, block, brick, and other related building products for over 40 years. Projects span Upstate New York to Virginia and in between.

Anchor’s experienced sales staff can assist you during the development of your project regardless of size and our commitment to our customers continues through the shipping process. Ultimately, with Oldcastle’s team effort providing superior sales, service, and quality products, Anchor has established an exceptional reputation for satisfying its customers.

Anchor is partnering with design-build firms and construction professionals to simplify the way buildings happen. Oldcastle has the largest manufacturing footprint, the greatest product breadth, and does not exist in a category that it does not lead. If you are looking to simplify the construction process—welcome to Oldcastle.

CarbonCure and Anchor:

Turning the Big Apple into the Green Apple

In November 2013, CarbonCure and Anchor, an Oldcastle company, signed an agreement to introduce CarbonCure’s CO2 sequestration technology to the New York market. CarbonCure’s process propels Anchor to a leadership position in North America in environmental concrete innovation, clearly differentiating the masonry manufacturer from competitors in the marketplace.

“We are excited to partner with CarbonCure and utilize this technology, which positions our company to respond to the rapidly growing demand for greener building materials,” said Matt Lynch, Chief Operating Officer of Oldcastle APG – Northeast Region.

Anchor with CarbonCure HPDs 

Anchor with CarbonCure Lightweight 90 Block HPD
Anchor with CarbonCure Lightweight 105 Block HPD
Anchor with CarbonCure Medium-weight Block HPD
Anchor with CarbonCure Normal-weight Block HPD




Contact Anchor about their CarbonCure products:

  • Stephen Easter, Sales Manager
  • 1 (732) 292-2675