Basalite | California

Dixon, CA


Not Just Grey Block

Basalite, acquired by Pacific Coast Building Products in 1979, has become one of the largest suppliers of concrete masonry products in Western North America. Product lines include structural block, interlocking paving stones, wall systems, retaining walls, ornamental and garden products, and a full range of packaged concrete/mortar products.

Today, Basalite Concrete Products manufactures hundreds of types and styles of concrete structural block. Basalite presents a complete offering of custom colors, shapes, and sizes in most product lines and often works with architects to create effects that showcase the building’s design. The full line and custom options are available to builders and developers.

CarbonCure and Basalite: Greening the Pacific Coast

Northern California

It may be inferred that CarbonCure and Basalite Concrete Products began their relationship with the help of a little bit of wine. The Jess Jackson Sustainable Winery at the University of California Davis was the first project manufactured by Basalite with CarbonCure’s CO2 sequestration technology in March 2013. The technology was first installed in Basalite’s Dixon plant, serving the Northern California market, marking the beginning of the fruitful relationship.

Washington and Oregon

In March 2014, Basalite expanded its CarbonCure offerings by introducing the technology to its Dupont, Washington plant. In a bold move, Basalite’s Dupont plant decided to immediately apply the CarbonCure technology across its structural and architectural concrete masonry products, establishing the manufacturer as a clear leader in sustainability. The Basalite Dupont plant serves both the Washington State and Oregon markets.

British Columbia and Colorado

The next phase for CarbonCure and Basalite is the introduction of the technology to the Surrey, British Columbia plant. This plant will service the Vancouver and southern BC markets.


“This is the way forward for our industry, so we’re really excited to bring CarbonCure to the Pacific Northwest." - Phil Bonnell, VP, Basalite Concrete Products