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 Leader since 1871

Leading the industry since 1871, Brampton Brick has set the standard for  excellence, innovation and technology. With a vast selection of standard & lightweight block, architectural block, thin stone veneers, and of course: clay brick, Brampton is poised to provide the quality products you need for any project, both big and small.

When it comes to finishing touches, Brampton Brick knows that it’s all about the details. Oaks Brand landscape products provide an unsurpassed selection of elegant paving stones, retaining walls and enviro products to complement all Brampton Brick masonry products.

Brampton Brick is proud to be a part of building your project one brick, stone and block at a time, now and always.


CarbonCure: The most exciting technological improvement in the industry

When Brampton Brick acquired Atlas Block assets in December 2013, part of the acquisition’s appeal included a partnership with CarbonCure. January of 2013 marked the completion of the permanent installation of CarbonCure technology at the Hillsdale manufacturing facility. Said Don Gordon, then-CEO of Atlas Block, “I’ve been in this industry many years. This is easily the most exciting technological improvement I’ve seen.” Atlas and CarbonCure together published North America’s first Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for the concrete masonry industry.

Today, Brampton Brick is proud to provide CarbonCure products to the Ontario market with the CO2 sequestration technology installed in multiple plants.

“We’ve always stayed ahead in this business by being focused on innovation” said Dave Carter, Executive Vice President of Brampton Brick. “Our partnership with CarbonCure allows us to be more transparent with customers about our products.”

Brampton Brick with CarbonCure EPDs

Brampton Brick with CarbonCure EPD for Lightweight (15 MPa) CMU

Brampton Brick with CarbonCure HPDs 

Brampton Brick 15 MPA Concrete Block with CarbonCure HPD
Brampton Brick 15 MPA LWT Concrete Block with CarbonCure HPD
Brampton Brick 20 and 30 MPA Concrete Block with CarbonCure HPD
Brampton Brick 20 MPA LWT Concrete Block with CarbonCure HPD




Contact Brampton Brick | Brampton about their CarbonCure products:

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