Ernest Maier

Bladensburg, Maryland


Trusted Manufacturer

Ernest Maier is the most trusted masonry block manufacturer serving the Washington DC metropolitan area, providing concrete solutions to meet the needs of contractors, architects, designers and homeowners.

Although concrete masonry units remain the core of its business, Ernest Maier is responsive to the growing demands of the masonry trade and currently offers a vast inventory of products to suit a wide range of project types. It also operates five retail locations across the Mid Atlantic to meet the most immediate needs of its clientele.

Family owned and operated, Ernest Maier prides itself on high-quality materials and superior customer service at competitive prices. The company is equally committed to maintaining a safe, clean and progressive work environment for our employees.

Serving the Green Market

Ernest Maier has been an active member in the local green building community as a sponsor of the USGBC chapter of the National Capital Region.

Washington DC was the first city in the nation to require new privately constructed buildings to meet LEED standards with the implementation of the Green Building Act in 2006. According to the District Department of the Environment, DC has more LEED certified and ENERGY STAR certified square footage per capita than any other large city in the United States. In March of 2014, the District announced that it had adopted the 2013 DC Construction Codes, cementing D.C.’s status as a leader on green building and sustainability practices.

With CarbonCure Technologies incorporated in its manufacturing process as of August 2014, Ernest Maier will be the first masonry producer in the area to offer concrete masonry units with sequestered CO2 and the first to issue Environmental Product Declarations and Health Product Declarations.

“We’re in a market that has committed to the best green construction standards and we fully support this commitment,” said Brendan Quinn, President of Ernest Maier. “CarbonCure is allowing us to better serve this market and meet the demands of our customers.”

Ernest Maier with CarbonCure EPDs

Ernest Maier with CarbonCure EPD for Light Weight CMU
Ernest Maier with CarbonCure EPD for Medium Weight CMU
Ernest Maier with CarbonCure EPD for Normal Weight CMU

Ernest Maier with CarbonCure HPDs 

Ernest Maier with CarbonCure Normal Weight CMU HPD
Ernest Maier with CarbonCure Medium Weight CMU HPD
Ernest Maier with CarbonCure Light Weight CMU HPD




Contact Ernest Maier about their CarbonCure products:

  • Ted Kelly, Masonry Products Sales Manager
  • 1 (301) 927-8300