Glenwood Mason Supply Company Inc.

Brooklyn, New York

Helping New York achieve its green goals

Glenwood Mason Co. Inc announced that as of November 2015, its concrete masonry units will be available with CarbonCure by request.

“Glenwood has always proudly introduced sustainable concepts into its products and manufacturing processes,” says Connie Cincotta, President of Glenwood. “For example, we’ve been offering products made with a high percentage of recycled waste material and supplementary cementitious material for years. Now, with the addition of CarbonCure, we are immensely proud to introduce captured carbon dioxide gas into our mix and reduce the carbon footprint of our concrete masonry products.”

Contact Glenwood Mason Supply Company Inc. about their CarbonCure products:

  • Mike Toth, Architectural Sales Representative
  • (718) 859-6500