Oneonta Block Company

Oneonta, New York


Serving upstate New York since 1982

Nestled in the foothills of the Catskill mountains, Oneonta Block has been providing quality service to upstate New York for over three decades. During this time, Oneonta has made constant improvements to its production facilities and plant technologies. The company prides itself on manufacturing high strength, high quality materials that go above and beyond what is required for projects. Oneonta’s product line includes a full complement of masonry items such as architectural block, grey block, bag products, wire, fasteners, flashing, sealers and cleaners. They also manufacture Anchor Wall Systems’ retaining wall units.

“It’s time to make a statement about what quality means when we build with concrete” – Bob Harlem, President of Oneonta Block

An environmental leader

Oneonta Block has long been a champion of environmental quality in its products. The company has always believed it important to reduce pollution and the impact that they have in their community. Over the years, they have implemented a number of best practices to lower their environmental impact: converting their kilns from diesel to natural gas, implementing fly ash and recycled aggregate technologies, laying permeable pavers at their plant, distributing lightweight insulated masonry, and now adding CarbonCure’s technology to their plant.



Contact Oneonta Block Company about their CarbonCure products:

  • Bob Harlem, President
  • 1 (607) 432-6641