Shaw Brick

Lantz, Nova Scotia

Shaw: A Maritime institution

The Shaw Group has grown brick by brick from its beginnings in 1861 as a small Hantsport, Nova Scotia clay and tile manufacturer. Known then as Robert Shaw’s Brick Works, this firm constructed a solid foundation from which to expand and grow by taking the brick–a building product as old as time, and developing new uses and additional users.

The last 150 years have seen many changes. Noting potential in related markest, the company, then known as L.E. Shaw Limited, seized opportunities to expand its ability to provide high quality products and services. Brick and concrete materials production was augmented by resource materials, real estate development, and transportation. To reflect growing diversity, L.E. Shaw Limited became The Shaw Group Limited in 1993. The company continues to demonstrate success through change, and also developing and refining an extensive stable of products and services based on today’s needs.

CarbonCure: A local innovation success story 

Since 2007, Shaw has been a critical partner and contributor to the development of the CarbonCure sequestration technology, and now serves as the flagship distributor of CarbonCure products in Canada’s Maritime region.

Shaw’s early projects using the CarbonCure technology include the Gottingen Street Mixed Use Development (with EcoGreen Homes) and the Charles P. Allen High School in Bedford, Nova Scotia (with Architecture49). These projects represent the next generation of concrete technology and highlight the innovations developed in the province of Nova Scotia.





CarbonCure products available upon request for:

  • Landscaping
  • Residential masonry
  • Commercial masonry
  • Block