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Thomas Concrete Inc is part of the family-owned Thomas Concrete Group, with its headquarters in Sweden, operating 144 plants across Germany, Poland, Sweden and the US. The company’s environmental policy lies at the heart of its identity. The Thomas mandate is to “continuously strive to develop solutions for a sustainable society of tomorrow” and to “integrate all business measures to reach this goal.” Thomas Concrete’s commitment to sustainability is heavily engrained within the company’s mission and culture.

“At Thomas Concrete, we have built a successful company over many decades because we believe that doing the right thing – socially, environmentally and financially – is the right way to do business. We work hard every day to provide the quality products and services that our customers need. Our success is largely attributed to our dedication to our customers, our employees and the communities in which we operate. We are proud of our long-standing commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, and we look forward to strengthening that commitment through our partnership with CarbonCure.”

– Alan Wessel, CEO of Thomas Concrete’s US operations

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