Now it’s easy being green.


Concrete products manufacturers can now make carbon-absorbed concrete products without compromising material performance. By consuming waste CO2 in the production process, the CarbonCure system chemically converts this greenhouse gas into solid limestone within the concrete, making simply better concrete. With a commitment to continued innovation, this is our first step towards integrating and developing affordable regenerative concrete at scale.

CarbonCure is currently working with several manufacturers across North America to bring low-carbon concrete products to market. Check out the demonstration page to see who CarbonCure is working with in your area.

Want to know more? Follow this link to watch a presentation by CarbonCure’s CEO and Founder, Robert Niven.

Contact us to see if the CarbonCure system is a good fit for your plant.


This photo shows the first CarbonCure Blocks coming off the line at the demonstrations at the Shaw Group in Lantz, Nova Scotia in 2010.