What is CarbonCure?

 CarbonCure retrofits concrete plants with a technology that recycles waste carbon dioxide to make affordable, greener concrete products. Carbon dioxide is now more than just a greenhouse gas; it is a valuable material to help make better concrete.

View CarbonCure’s Information Package for the Design and Construction Community  for more details.

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  1. @chrislittlecott Thanks for the helpful note. What link are you referring to?

  2. @SenWhitehouse @WhiteHouse send clear market signal for utilization innovators and industry adopters. @xprize https://t.co/ygLbKQ3Dza

  3. Bravo @McSweeneyCAC & Cement mfgs to help @cathmckenna shape Canada's green economy. https://t.co/43tQ4GRNms

  4. Every design element WAS considered - Even the concrete block are doing their part using @CarbonCure - Great job! https://t.co/Cv74Y5nHBb

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  5. Really hoping news includes GHG measures. @AndyFillmoreHFX @cathmckenna https://t.co/MZ4mcgaoQq