Recycling waste carbon dioxide to make greener masonry

CarbonCure upcycles carbon dioxide into concrete masonry products. “Upcycling” means collecting carbon dioxide (CO2) from industrial emitters and injecting it into masonry products during manufacturing to make better products. The result is that the CO2 is permanently embedded within the concrete masonry thereby becoming “mineralized” within the concrete. The technology is designed for masonry producers who are seeking opportunities to differentiate their products and to appeal to the growing green building market. CarbonCure offers a turnkey green product offering which includes the technology, transparency documents (such as EPDs and HPDs), and a robust sales training program so producers can differentiate their products in highly competitive markets. 

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What are the benefits?

The benefit of incorporating carbon dioxide into concrete masonry products is that CO2 is chemically captured into the product, thereby reducing the concrete’s carbon footprint. Masonry products made with CarbonCure’s technology can also contribute to LEED points under the Materials & Resources and Innovation in Design credits in LEED 2009 and LEED version 4.

How does the reaction work?

The upcycling of carbon dioxide into concrete occurs through a reaction between the cement and carbon dioxide. Calcium ions from the cement combine with carbonate ions from carbon dioxide combine to form calcium carbonate, which is similar to limestone. The limestone-like mineral is present as a nanomaterial, which is a very fine material that is evenly distributed throughout the concrete mix.

CarbonCure process

Interested in using the CarbonCure Masonry Technology at your plant?

If you are a masonry producer looking to differentiate your products and appeal to the green building market please contact us at info@carboncure.

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