Scientific Advisors

CarbonCure augments their internal research and development program through external partnerships with subject matter experts. The collaborations explore new ideas, accelerate progress, and enhance our expertise in green building materials. CarbonCure maintains relationships with several members of the scientific community.

Dr. Greg Dipple

Professor, Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

University of British Columbia

Professor Dipple studies the processes of and driving forces for mineral reactions with a focus on fluid-rock interactions. He is an experienced researcher in carbon sequestration having identified and evaluated novel CO2 fixation approaches that offset anthropogenic greenhouse gas production. Dipple’s long-term objectives are to develop new efficient reaction pathways for carbon sequestration, provide an objective scientific verification protocol for crystallographic trapping of carbon, and evaluate the stability and safety of stored carbon.

CarbonCure has worked with Greg Dipple to characterize the carbonate reactions at the center of the firm’s technologies.


Dr. Mike Thomas

Chair and Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

University of New Brunswick

Professor Thomas has been working in the field of cement and concrete research and consulting since 1983. He has authored more than 200 technical papers and reports on topics including concrete durability, alkali-silica reaction, delayed ettringite formation, sulfate attack, deicer-salt scaling, carbonation, chloride ingress, embedded steel corrosion and the use of industrial by- products including pozzolans and slag. He also co-authored the service-life modelling software Life-365 that permits users to predict service life and life-cycle costs of concrete mix designs.

CarbonCure has worked with Mike Thomas to assess the durability of concrete produced using the firm’s technologies.


Dr. Doug Hooton

NSERC/Cement Association of Canada Research Chair in Concrete Durability and Sustainability

Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

University of Toronto

Professor Hooton’s academic and industrial research career has extended over the last 39 years and has focused on the performance of both cementitious materials and concrete with emphasis on sustainability issues and the durability and service life of concrete in severe environments. He has helped develop and implement performance-based specifications for concrete. He has published about 200 journals and conference papers in this area and is currently active on over 40 technical/professional committees in Canada, the USA and in Europe.

CarbonCure has worked with Doug Hooton to investigate the materials science impacts of carbon upcycling in industrially produced concrete.


Dr. Larry Sutter

Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

Director, MDOT Transportation Materials Research Center

Michigan Technological University

Professor Sutter has over 30 years experience in materials characterization, concrete-making materials, and concrete durability. He is intimately involved in evaluating the sustainability of construction materials and is a strong proponent of technologies that reuse or repurpose materials. Much of his research is based on advanced materials characterization methods including optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), x-ray diffraction (XRD), and x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (XRF). Dr. Sutter also holds numerous leadership positions within the industry including service at ASTM and ACI.

CarbonCure is working with Larry Sutter to characterize cement-carbon dioxide interactions.


Dr. Karl Peterson

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

University of Toronto

Professor Peterson has over 20 years of experience in the fields of concrete durability and concrete microstructure. He specializes in petrographic and microscopic techniques and remains active in organizing both the Annual Conference of International Cement Microscopy Association and the Euroseminar on Microscopy Applied to Building Materials. He is a member of the Society of Concrete Petrographers and serves on committees with ASTM and RILEM.

CarbonCure has worked with Karl Peterson to investigate the character, microstructure, distribution and impacts of the carbonate reaction products found in the concrete produced using the firm’s technologies.


Sidney OmelonDr. Sidney Omelon

Assistant Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering

University of Ottawa

Professor Omelon has developed expertise in both crystallization and biomineralisation. She has investigated the chemistry of carbonate minerals both in relation to bone mineralisation and products of carbon upcycling into carbonate minerals. She has explored carbon utilization in the past having secured six patents in the field of carbonate production and characterization while working for a greentech start-up company.

CarbonCure is working with Sidney Omeleon on improving carbon quantification approaches and procedures.


Dr. Kamal Khayat

Adjunct Professor, Civil Engineering

Université de Sherbrooke

Professor of Civil Engineering

Director of the Center for Infrastructure Engineering Studies

Missouri Science & Technology

Professor Khayat’s main research interests are the design of innovative structural materials, including high-performance concrete with adapted rheology, such as self-consolidating concrete (SCC) and flowable mass/lean concrete. He spent over 20 years at the University of Sherbrooke where he carried out pioneering work in the area of rheology of cement-based materials, SCC, and high-performance concrete. Dr. Khayat has authored and co-authored over 200 publications on flowable concrete and topics such as optimization of chemical admixtures, microstructure of cement-based materials, and valorization of industrial by-products and recycled aggregate in concrete.

CarbonCure plans to work with Kamal Khayat to investigate the rheological properties of fresh concrete treated with carbon dioxide.


Dr. Olafur Wallevik

Head of Basic Research

Innovation Center Iceland

Senior Research Scientist



Reykjavik University

Professor Wallevik is a globally-recognized expert in the rheology of fresh concrete, High Performance Concrete, High Strength Concrete, and Self-Compacting Concrete. He has written over one hundred scientific publications and papers and held over 40 rheology / SCC / HPC courses in more than 20 countries. He has received several awards for his contribution in concrete technology, among others from Iceland, Canada, ACI/CANMET and the Nordic Concrete Federation Medal. In 2012 he received highest order of the Republic of Iceland, the Knight’s Cross of the Falcon Order for the contribution to environmental friendly building materials.

CarbonCure plans to work with Olafur Wallevik to develop uses for concrete subjected to a rheology modification through the action of carbon dioxide


CarbonCure works with leading experts in the fields of cement and concrete chemistry, sustainability, engineering and carbon sequestration from around the world.


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