ACI Convention Fall 2015 Presentation


The 2015 American Concrete Institute Fall Convention, was held in Denver, Colorado on November 8-12th, 2015. The event was attended by more than 2000 participants representing industry, academia and government.

Sean Monkman, CarbonCure’s VP Technology Development, arranged and moderated a technical session entitled “CO2 Utilization in Concrete Production” held on November 9th. The session featured six speakers discussing their works regarding the use of carbon dioxide to produce concrete. 

Sean presented a paper co-authored with Mark MacDonald (CarbonCure Director of Research) and Doug Hooton (University of Toronto Department Civil Engineering). The presentation entitled “Carbon Dioxide Utilization in Ready-Mixed Concrete Production” summarized industrial work to develop a CO2 injection technology to improve ready mix concrete performance. It was shown, across a series of trials, that the CO2 could be added with minimal impact on concrete fresh properties and durability while producing a strength benefit.